Connect your Mac to you a Windows XP Network Printer

I have a Windows XP computer that I use as a print server. All my other PCs could connect to it and print without a problem.

My mac however was problematic.


1. On your windows XP machine, make sure your printer is shared and it is viewable on your network.

2. From your mac. Go to System Preferences -> Print and Fax -> Click the + button

3. Click the "More Printers..." button.

4. In the first drop down menu, select Windows Printing.

5. In the second drop down, navigate to your workgroup. I selected to Network Neighborhood, chose my workgroup, selected the print server PC, and eventually selected the printer I shared.
a. You may have to provide your network credentials. The name field is the account name on your Windows XP PC. In my case, the user name was "Server" so I typed in server in the name field and left the password field blank since I did not set a password.

6. After I selected my printer, I noticed that the "Printer Model" drop down menu said "Generic". If the drop down menu actually displays the correct printer for you, then click "Add" and you should be all set. If it doesn`t attempt to manually find your printer from the Printer Model drop down list.

7. If you find it, then click Add and you are all set.

8 If you don`t, go to Gutenprint. This site has tons of printer drivers. You download, run the installer, and basically have many more printers to choose from in your "Printer Model" list.

9. If that doesn`t work for you, try downloading the driver from the manufacturer website. Personally for me, I have an EPSON STYLUS CX7400 and the Mac OS X driver would not show up in the list, maybe it was under a different name, I don`t know. Anyhow, the Gutenprint driver worked for me.

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