Lunarpages Review - Very Good, Inexpensive Website Hosting

I have been a web developer for roughly 7 years now and one thing that I have been looking for is a reliable, affordable hosting company. I have dealt with numerous hosting companies such as,,, and In addition, there are some clients I have that run managed servers in co-locations, but the scope of this article covers general hosting packages and I will only touch on managed/dedicated servers in this review.

Overall: - The best company was, their customer support, 24/7 up-time, 24/7 backups, UNLIMITED nearly everything (databases, emails, add-on domains, subdomains, and much more.) I have done everything from SSL systems, dedicated systems, and simple websites with them, they have met all my expectations and have impressed me with the knowledge of their support staff. I even deleted a database on accident once and they had a copy from roughly 1-2 hours earlier restored for me within a few minutes. It did cost me $50 bucks though, but that was my mistake for dropping a database.

Lastly, you can't beat their price, their basic packages is more than most users will ever need. Check them out

Here are how the other hosting companies added up: - Used them from roughly 2007- late-mid 2008 with a client that has a PHP/MYSQL web application and a standard website for his company. They provided decent support but I recall having issues with their Control Panel/Backend at some points because they were migrating users off of their old platform. The migration was sloppy and was a bit confusing. Overall, the hosting isn't too bad, but definitely not as good as

b. - I use them for an SSL site for a client. It works well in that sense. I think their tools they have for setting up stores and carts are nice.

c. - This company is located in Las Vegas and are running on a very fast pipe. They allow for Coldfusion hosting at a very fair price and their servers seem to be top knotch. I think their sites run the fastest out of all the companies I have been with.

If you are trying to host your website or multiple websites, I would highly suggest I use them for all my clients and have an account for my personal business. The great thing about them is that you can park tons of domains under 1 account. UNLIMITED is the keyword for me, you get UNLIMITED features on tons of options.
I am a PHP/MYSQL programmer mainly and I love how they have full library support, PHPMYADMIN backend, and the servers allow me to run SourceGuardian to encrypt my code bases.

They have deals all the time, but for the package I am talking about, I pay about 7 bucks a month.

Just my 2 cents.

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Posted on: Feb 28, 2011 1:23 pm

Lunarpages has been great for me. They have been around a long time and improved a lot on customer service and their uptime. Grab a lunarpages coupon at I saved $50 on my hosting bill!


Posted on: Sep 15, 2008 7:01 am

Question though, when you order it you have to pay all at once, I mean when I was runnin my community I went through clutchkill 1 gig web space 30 gigs bw unlimited cp access unlimted ftp accts unlimited email accounts and lists unlimited sql db`s and unlimited parked domains sub domains addon domains.
CGI access, php support,Fantastico, and Frontpage Extensions for 8.00 a month ask me I`d say thats a pretty decent deal the website they provided to me had AMAZING performance and I would reccomend them to anybody. Clutchkill is a 2 man ran company and I must say they are successors. Sam one of the support representatives goes out of his way in his job and helps out with problems with coding if needing providing help whenever he can thats true service.