How to Pop White Heads on Bottom Eyelid

On my bottom eyelid, right below my eyelashes, I had a white head that I could not pop and was there for months. It was not noticeable, but it bothered me knowing that it was there.

How I got rid of it.

1. I took a sewing needle and washed it off with water. Maybe use alcohol if you want to be more sanitary.

2. Try to prick the side of the whitehead by poking into the side of the whitehead and gently pricking outward. Do not try to prick your whitehead inward, you could poke yourself in the eye.

3. If you are having trouble doing this, as I did, pinch the area of your eyelid where the white head is and attempt to prick the side of it. This helps on centering in the whitehead and preventing you poking your eye.

4. Once I poked into the whitehead, I pricked outward gently and noticed that the needle was getting caught in the white head pulling my eyelid with it a bit, it seems as if the outer part of the whitehead was a bit tough. I kept pricking away once I had a small hole and kept trying to squeeze it between pricks. Eventually I pricked it well enough where the white head could be squeezed out.

Kind of a gross solution, but helped me. Be careful not to poke yourself in the eye.

Please attempt this at your own risk, is not responsible for injuries caused by improperly attempting this.

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