Working with FLA Files and Subversion (SVN)

I work on FLA files in OS X and have my repository located on a Shared Network Drive which I manage using TortoiseSVN in a Windows XP Virtual machine. (Running XP SP3)

I noticed some strange behavior while doing the following:

1. Made changes to a FLA file in Flash. Saved the FLA file. (Working in OS X)
2. Went to my Windows Virtual Machine and tried committing the changes with TortoiseSVN.
3. SVN would either not recognize the FLA file being changed or it would say that another process is locking a portion of the FLA file and commit failed.

So in order for you to be able to commit FLA files in a similar environment as mine:
Close Flash when you want to commit changes. Flash will "unlock" the FLA file so SVN can commit it.

I didn`t have this problem when I managed my repositories through OS X, but I didn`t like svnX and command-line as much as TortoiseSVN`s easy to use interface, so I decided to manage all my repositories in a Windows Virtual Machine.

Keywords: FLA with Subversion SVN

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