What to look for when building a cheap but decent Gaming rig

Name: Cody

Typically your gonna try to go with the cheapest stuff out there... now heres the kick... the cheapest might not always be the best its common sense.... but heres other tips on how to keep yourself above

1. Always get a 64 bit processor
2. never get a 64bit video card always get 128 bit or higher
3.go with something cheap like a 160gig western digital harddrive for 45.00
4. atleast get pc3200 ram for your board anything lower and you start losing performance amazingly. and always have atleast 2 gigs ram it helps tremendously..

These are my small little tips on what you might not know when you build a cheap gaming pc its my two cents.

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Posted on: Oct 15, 2008 8:13 am

Also to add to it try at your most to get a 64 bit OS for optimal performance while gaming it allows your PC to run smoother.