Keeping your SMB Network Drive Always Mounted in OS X

Randomly my Windows SMB Network Volumes would unmount from OS X which was a huge headache since I was actively saving documents such as code I was writing/documents/etc... to it.

I thought it was an OS X sided issue but it turned out to be Windows. I was sharing a folder on my Windows XP machine and it was Windows that was unmounting my drive.

If you are interested, I was running Windows XP Professional as a Virtual machine using Parallels under Mac OS X 10.4.11 on my MacBook Pro.

To solve this issue, I went into windows and the following:

1. Go to the Start Menu
2. Select Settings - Control Panel
3. Select Administrative Tools
4. Select Local Security Policy
5. Choose Local Policies
6. Select Security Options
7. Change Amount of idle time required before suspending session to 0, to do this right click on it and click properties.

Step 7 basically turns the idle time feature off, if you set this to a number other then 0 then it will go idle after that number is reached in minutes, so if set this to 20, then your network drive will disconnect after 20 idle minutes.

Another thing I did was

1. Go to Start Menu
2. Click Run
3. Type "cmd"
4. Press OK
5. Type the following:
net config server /autodisconnect:-1

I hope that solves your issues with your SMB Volume unmounting randomly.

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Bill Stone

Posted on: Oct 2, 2012 6:10 am

The first solution is wrong. From the Policy Explanation: For this policy setting, a value of 0 means to disconnect an idle session as quickly as is reasonably possible. The maximum value is 99999, which is 208 days. Default:This policy is not defined, which means that the system treats it as 15 minutes for servers and undefined for workstations.