How To Clean Out Your Computer Easily

Got a dusty computer case?

After awhile your computer can become full of dust, this is bad for your Fans because their bearings could get clogged and cause other issues. Especially if the fan in question is your CPU Fan or VGA fan.

Monthly maintenance will help eliminate potential damage to your computer due to dust.

A simple approach is to buy compressed air, which is available at your local computer/electronics store.

1. Unplug the computer.

2. Open the case.

3. (optional) Use a vacuum that has an extension for small corners and suck the dust out of the computer.
Important: Do not place the extension directly on components, have a 3-4 inches of space between the extension and the computer`s components, definitely do not want to suck up any jumpers or bang into any components. This step is for people like me who don`t want dust flying everywhere when using just the compressed air.

4. Briefly use the compressed air on the main areas of the computer case and also in fan vents and disc drive bays. If you did not follow step 3, watch out for dust flying out of the case.

5. Spend more time blowing out the dust in any fans you have. Focus on the blades and try to blow any dust out that you see in the center of the fan.

Advanced Approach

I recommend using electronics contact cleaner. You can simply just pop open your case and spray away but WARNING: THIS WILL EAT AWAY HEATSINK COMPOUNDS so make sure to keep keep it away from seeping under a heat sink. IT WORKS PERFECTLY for just eating that dust away. The cleaner does evaporate but sprayed in excess amounts it will build up so its nice to have a rag handy.

Electronics Contact Cleaner can be found at most computer/electronics stores.

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Posted on: Sep 12, 2008 1:56 pm

Very nicely put =) only reason why I quit the air cans and moved over to the contact cleaner is because sometimes the dust gets shoved behind things on your board and stuff the cleaner eats it away all thats required is a tiny bit of air to help the cleaner evaporate it evaps quickly but its nice to make sure its all gone