How to Keep Your Mac running Fast Using Mac Janitor and Cache Out X

If you already follow the tutorial below, then you may not need to use Mac Janitor, however it wouldn`t hurt if you did.
Keep your Mac Running Fast (OS X) - Use Disk Utility and Maintenance Scripts

Cache Out X is a maintenance utility for Mac OS X that specializes in deleting the cache files of the System and of Internet navigators. Additionally it can bleed virtual memory file(s), erase system history files, as well as cookies and Internet related navigation/download history files . Its Auto-Cleaner function cleans caches at log in or as scheduled by the user thanks to iCal support; its secure delete of Internet archives makes its use especially suitable to public access computers. (taken from Help Menu)

Cache Out X is a tool I use monthly to keep my Mac running fast. This in addition to weekly Maintenance Scripts is a nice way to keep your Mac running well.

Mac Janitor is a tool that runs Maintenance Scripts described in the tutorial link above and is handy if you are not comfortable with terminal.

All in All, Cache Out X and Mac Janitor are good tools for keeping your Mac running fast.

Both tools are Free.

Download links:
Mac Janitor Download
Cache Out X Download

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