How to Clean Your Dogs Ears, helps prevent yeast infections

My lhasa apso has floppy ears and periodically he would get a nasty yeast infection in them.

My vet told me that the main cause of this was due to his floppy ears and that they would trap heat and moisture which caused the yeast infection.

Anyhow, go to google and search for the following ear medicines: Epi-Otic and Mometamax.

I bought a large bottle of Epi-Otic online and you can also buy Mometamax online. You can get a larger bottle of Epi-Otic online for much cheaper then the vet would sell it to you for.

When Ear is Infected
If your dog`s ear is badly infected, you may notice that they walk with their head tilted to one side, they may shake their head often, and that their ears will have a dark reddish residue in them which carries a bad smell.

To clean an infected ear:
1. Take a clean cloth, about as thin as a plain white t-shirt, and drop about 5-6 drops of Epi-otic on it so it soaks a small spot of the cloth, now gently wipe your dog`s main earlobe with it and repeat this process 2-3 times or until you got most of the residue out of their ear.

2. Now you will probably also notice that down in their ear canal that it may feel as if had fluid in it. The vet said its okay to gently stick a Q-tip in there and carefully clean out the ear canal area. I would suggest putting a few drops of Epi-Otic on the Q-tip when you do this.

3. Now I would put a few drops of Epi-otic in their ear canal and also 1-2 drops of Mometamax in their ear canal as well. Don`t overuse the Mometamax, just 1-2 drops.
I then massaged his ear canal gently to make sure the medicine was spread out well.

4. I would repeat these steps until your dogs ears start improving, for my dog it was about 3-4 days with this level of treatment then I would just do maintenance after it got better.

NOTE: After you give your dog a bath, make sure his ears are dried thoroughly and that you clean his ears. Sometimes water from a bath will act as a catalyst for a yeast infection..

After my dogs ears were improving, I cleaned his ears about once every 2-3 days.

1. I took a clean cloth and followed step 1 above and gently cleaned his main earlobe out with a cloth that had a few drops of Epi-Otic on it.

2. I then put a few drops of Epi-Otic in his ear canal and rubbed his ear canal gently for a few seconds.

3. I only used the Mometamax about once a week or not at all depending on if his ears had small signs of a yeast infection re-occurring. If his ears were in good shape, I just used the Epi-Otic.

The info above kept my dogs ears clean and helped eliminate his Yeast infection in his ears. If you buy Epi-Otic and/or Mometamax, please read the instructions carefully and make sure you take caution when doing this. I am not vet, but this is how I kept my dogs ears clean.

Please do this at your own discretion, nor does the solution`s author make any claims to be experts in this area and cannot be responsible for any outcomes of your pet`s health.

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