Sirius Stiletto 2 Rewind More Than One Hour

Name: Jesse D. (Las Vegas, NV)

Like anyone else that has a Stiletto, you know that when you listen to a radio show like Howard Stern or Bubba The Love Sponge you have to listen for 4-6 hours sometimes. I generally leave it on during the day and have to pause it and come back from time to time, because I do not want to miss anything. Well when you listen live generally you can only pause it for on hour.

The work around for this is setup the shows to be recorded by your Stiletto and instead of listening from the channel menu option, go to the Library once the show has started and go to recently recorded, it will generally be at the top of the list. Press play and start listening, from here you can press pause and not have to worry about it going past the one hour time limit. Because its recording to memory and you are listening to the recording via memory instead of the one hour pause feature that you can get with LIVE radio.

This is a great work around to pause your shows for more than an hour if you have to go to meetings or be away from your radio unit for more than an hour.

Like I mentioned it before, I do this every day so I can listen to the whole show and catch up from time to time by fast forwarding through the commercials.

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