Using your Camcorder as a Webcam

How to Use your Camcorder as a Webcam

This tutorial is how I setup my Sony Handycam DCR-TRV350 as a webcam in Windows XP.

1. Basically, plug in the camera to your computer via a USB cable.
2. Your system should detect new hardware.
3. At this point use the driver disk that came with your camera to install the USB Drivers on to your machine.
4. I would click "cancel" if the Windows Found New Hardware screen comes up.
5. Install the Drivers, if you see a screen saying that the drivers didn`t pass some validation thing, just click Install Anyways.
6. You will be prompted to reboot your computer. (varies on camcorder)
7. When you system reboots you may get the New Hardware found screen again, if you, let Windows automatically install the drivers. Since you ran the USB Driver install, the drivers are already on your system, so Windows should have no problem doing an automatic install on your hardware.
8. You may get an additional message for an Audio device, which serves as the Mic on your camcorder. Let windows automatically install these drivers as well.

Now your camcorder should be usable as a USB camera/webcam.

Also, to keep your camcorder from staying on , take any tape out of the camera, this will allow it to never turn off.

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