How to Properly Pop a Zit or Pimple

Submitted by: Brian (Las Vegas)

How to Properly Pop a Zit or Pimp

When it comes to acne we all hate those annoying white heads. I use to put my index fingers on either side of the spot and pushed inwards till the white head popped. I found that by doing this I would create a small amount of fluid, which would spread around the acne area creating more acne the next day. Using 2 pieces of toilet paper for my fingers helped. The toilet paper would become saturated with fluid leaving the area dry. Do not Squeeze anymore than you have to, typically when blood comes out, that means the zit has been properly popped. Be sure to wash your face with just water afterwards because soap can dry out your skin and you can accompany it with a light moisturizer. Make sure the moisturizer is for the face though.

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Do not pop a zit or pimple unless it is ready, when I say ready, this implies that you can feel pressure around the acne as if something wants to pop out of it. This pressure usually feels like a slightly sharp pain around the perimeter of the zit or pimple, this is more apparent in certain areas around your face where the skin is tighter.

However, the main way to know if a pimple or zit is ready is if you already see the white head or if the pore is exposed and seems a bit stretched or opened.

Please be sure your pimple or zit is ready or you could create scabs and scars on your face.

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Posted on: Jun 13, 2008 10:23 pm

Your fingernails can be your worst enemy, the toilet paper will also serve as padding between your skin and nail.