Getting Philips Universal Remote to work with WD TV Live Plus with no codes

I recently purchased a WD TV Live Plus and wanted to use my Philips Univeral Remote with it. The model of the remote is: SRU3007/27

It is a standard low to mid-grade univeral remote that cost about $15-$20 dollars.

I spent some time looking online for Philips device codes that would work with the WD TV Live Plus, but didn't find anything that would work for me.

However, I was very pleased that after using the "LEARN" function on the Philips remote that it was able to replicate all the functions of the WD TV Live Plus remote; hence allowing me to use my Philips remote to control the WD TV Live Plus.

I mapped nearly all buttons of the WD TV Live Plus remote to identical counterparts on the Philips remote with the exception of the "Prev","Next","Search", and "Eject" buttons, which I used personal preferences for the mapping on those buttons.

Steps to Map Buttons Below Advertisement:

1. Place your Philips remote and WD TV Live Plus remote on a table and point them directly at each other, with roughly 1 inch of space between the IR sensors. (the sensors located at the top of each device)

2. On the Philips remote, press and hold the "SETUP" button until the LED light stays lit.

3. On the Philips remote, press "AUX" or the device button of your choice.

Note: On the Philips remote, I used "AUX" as the device button, but other than "TV", I believe you can use any device button you want.

4. On the Philips remote, press the "Learn" button.

5. On the Philips remote, press the button you wish to map. For example, I used the power button as the first button to map.

6. On the WD TV Live Plus remote, press and hold the button that you are trying to map to the Philips remote. For example, to map the power button, I held down the power button on the WD TV Live Plus remote until the led on the Philips remote blinked once, this means the button has been learned. If it blinks multiple times, that means something went wrong and you need to try again.

7. Repeat steps 5-6 to map additional buttons.

8. When you are done, press the "SETUP" button to complete the learning process.

At this point, your Philips remote should work with your WD TV Live Plus. You can always map additional buttons or re-map buttons by following the steps above.

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