Enabling Coherence and Preventing Mouse from being Captured in Parallels OS X

I had a problem getting coherence to work on a Guest Operating system I setup. It would do 2 things.

1. Would not allow me to go into Coherence mode.
2. It would also trap my mouse and the transfer beyond OS`s was not seemless. I had to press Control+Alt to release my mouse from the guest OS.

Anyhow, all you have to do to fix this is open your Guest OS that is having this problem, make sure you are logged in properly. So in my case, I was using Windows XP and I was sure that I was logged in. Then go to the Make Menu and choose "Install Parallel Tools"

Basically these tools will enable coherence and eliminate the mouse capture issue.

Note, this is definitely not a bug in Parallels, the Parallel Tools center just makes your Virtual Machine run more seemlessly.

Keywords: parallels, disable mouse capture, enable coherence in parallels

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