Cannot login to drupal 6, stuck on user page [SOLVED]

After a recent memory upgrade to our web and database servers, something went wrong and we received write fail errors to our hard drives. After resolving the issue; we were unable to login to drupal.

When going to the "user" page to login (?q=user), we noticed that upon entering correct login name and password, the page would "loop" back to the "user" page again without any indication.

Upon logging into the user page with incorrect credentials, we would get an invalid login/password indication so we knew the authentication process was working, it was just something wrong with when a valid authentication was being processed.

We have a MySQL database running our drupal installation, so we went into the "session" and "cache" tables and repaired them. You can use phpmyadmin to attempt to repair the tables and some may even suggest truncating those tables. I would suggest backing up your database before attempting this, but that is how we resolved our issue.

Keywords: cannot login to drupal 6, loops on user page

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Posted on: Aug 11, 2012 6:41 am