Belkin Velcro Cable Ties and Belkin Cable Tunnel Cable Organizer Review

If you are a tech geek like me, you have tons of cables and wires running all over your home and/or office.

That said, I was having a problem with cable management with wires being tangled; especially on my work bench where I have 2-3 computers hooked up at a time.

So I gave the Belkin Cable Tunnel Organizer Cable organizer and the Belkin Velcro straps a try.

First off, the velcro straps are really nice; they come in different colors to allow you to organize your wires by color; and they are high quality and can wrap up fairly large bundles of cables (such as a PC power cable). I paid about $3 for a pack of 6. At first I thought that was high, but the quality of the ties makes up for it.

The cable tunneler is not bad either; I will say that it's more suitable for CAT-5 and power cables with a thicker gauge. For skinnier cables, the wire slots inside the tunnel were not very useful. Another thing is you have to plan your wiring around the tunnel and use it in areas where large amount of cables will be bundled. In my case, I put the tunnel behind the 2 computers on my workbench adjacent to my monitor.

Overall, I would highly recommend the velcro ties as you can really organize your wires and color coating them by type is a huge plus! As for the cable tunnel, I would say this is really based on how your setup is and if your current wire setup would work with it; if you are running cables long distances, its not really worth it; but to manage a bunch of cables behind maybe your monitor and/or PC; it may be worth a try.

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