Proactiv Solution Review 2011 (From 10+ year customer)

My Proactiv solution reviews spans about 10 years; I hope it helps acne sufferers who are in the same shoes as I was.


When I was 18-19, I started using Proactiv solution and suffered with moderate/bad acne. When I say moderate/bad I mean about at least 4-8 larger pimples on each cheek and temple areas as well as numerous smaller zits on the forehead and t-zone area. Occasionally, I would get a large pimple on my nose as well.

Prior to Proactiv I was using doctor prescribed medicines such as Differin as well as over the counter products such as Oxy pads, Clearasil/Neutrogena astringents, face soaps, healing patches, and many other sort of products.

The doctor prescribed products did give me a few months of acne relief but it did also required me to take pills which when I stopped after about 6 months, my acne came back in full swing and at that point I felt uncomfortable having to take pills to manage my acne.

Getting Proactiv Solution

Once I hit my Freshmen year of college, my acne took a turn for the worst. Nothing I did would work and I was even obsessing, washing my face way too much and always stressing about my acne. So I finally went to Proactiv; at that time being a college student, the price tag of $40 every couple months was high to me, so I found a booth at my local mall and just bought it when I was running out.

After about 3 weeks of using Proactive as directed; I noticed that recurring acne I typically would get was few and far between and my skin was finally getting a chance to start healing from all the old acne that was on my face.

After about 2 months of using it, the last acne scabs/scars and acne I had were just about cleared up with no commonly recurring acne. I was also using the Refining Mask occasionally which made my face feel really smooth.

After about 4 months, acne was not on my mind as it constantly was the prior months. My face was actually clear, I wasn't obsessing over my face, nor was I washing my skin aggressively like I did prior to Proactive. I simply followed the directed usage of Proactiv and my face was clear for years.

After maybe 3 years of using Proactiv, I stopped using it and actually had fairly clear skin for a couple of years, but would notice a few zits here and there; so I would use it occasionally but not nearly as often as directed and my skin remained clear.

Now almost 10 years later I noticed my skin was having small breakouts around areas I shave; now that I work a full-time office job I have to shave daily and noticed I was getting minor breakouts in my stress zones as well as beard/mustache area. That said, I returned to directed usage of Proactiv and have returned to clear skin in a matter of weeks this time. Lastly, I feel that my skin even looks more healthy and I have a much more even complexion.

That said, I am a believer in Proactiv; the high price tag (in my opinion) is worth it; and now thinking of it in my early days when I was in my late teens, I wasted more money on over the counter stuff (in 2-3 months) than just getting a 2-3 month kit of Proactiv that actually worked for me.

I am in no way affiliated with Proactiv, just a happy customer.

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