Buffalo Cloudstor NAS Review

Alright guys, Today I'm bringing you a nice little view on my first impressions of a Buffalo Cloudstor NAS with PogoPlug intergrated into it.

This device is actually a fairly small device(8.1" x 5" x 3.4"), It comes in a couple of different models, It comes in standard versions which price obviously varies for 1tb and 2tb models, but then you have the Cloudstor High Performance which instead of the normal models that have 128MB of ram and a 800MHZ processor the High Performance has 256MB ram and a 1.6Ghz processor(Just helps for the device to do things quicker such as video transcoding ETC)

Alright so lets go to my first impressions the device I have is the Buffalo Cloudstor High Performance, I bought it with a 2tb HDD in it and added an additional 2TB Western Digital Green drive into the mix, It came with I believe a Seagate 2tb 7200RPM HDD in it, the device does have RAID settings but its unfortunately only one, Raid 1, Which is mirroring, Makes a EXACT same copy of the contents of the first drive for redundancy purposes. My use I'm utilizing the storage space of both 2tb drives.

How this device works is it plugs into your network, and you can install the PogoPlug software onto your desktop/laptop machine, it has the ability to do something called "Active Copy" Which monitors select folders/Directories whatever you may wish to call it and when something new is in that directory that isn't on the cloudstor it uploads it to it, now there is the ability to make it do this ONLY while you're on your own LAN connection OR you can make it so it does it over the internet also..

You may ask, What is PogoPlug. Pogoplug is a external Linux powered storage solution,  You take an unique identifier code and activate an account and it allows you remote access to the contents of your pogoplug storage from anywhere, including remote access and streaming to mobile devices such as the iPhone and Android phones. This is where you get into transcoding, This would be a lovely thing to have if you have a tablet or something of the such and what it will do is transcode all of your videos to optimize playback for mobile devices over streaming (and other playback purposes)

my current experience is I've been able to MAXIMUM upload @ 10mb/s but that is on a 100mbps network and I'm currently in the process of getting a gigabit router with cat 6 cabling and with that you're supposed to achieve speeds of 40-72mb/s transfer to the device.

It features a nice little web management GUI to where I can upload files to it, see what I've got on the device and manage it. But most importantly here is the best feature of all (opinionated). Notifications!!!! I can set the device up to email me status reports of my device, it will tell me disk errors, hard drive status, and fan failure.

The additional features of the device is I'm allowed to tie it into social networking sites such as twitter and facebook to where if I upload images/music/videos to my Buffalo Cloudstor, I'm able to publish it to my news feed and share it with people and I can revoke share priviliges at ANY TIME. (side note this does stream it from your device and your network therefore using your OWN connection). it also has a built in BitTorrent client, so you can add torrent files to download to the device over night and shut off your computer. Go green and save some green.

The device also supports printer sharing although I haven't played around with that much and do not know how it works.

This device does support uPNP, I'm able to view my entire music library, video library, or photo library on my Xbox360/Playstation 3, Although it is a little dis-organized. its only in alphabetical order it does not have folder structuring on Xbox360 and am unsure of how it works with PS3 as I do not one.

The service is FREE there are no monthly fees, It supports HTML5, Cloud/mobile printing, and a PDF/Microsoft Office file viewer to where you can view the files the CloudStor will display PDF, Excel, Word and PowerPoint documents without any additional software. View all your productivity files on mobile devices like the iPad, iPhone and others.

Conclusion: I like this device and its functionalities. and it wasn't too godly expensive, to buy the Buffalo Cloudstor itself was 219.99 and it comes with a 2tb drive and I purchased an additional 2tb drive for it. I would reccomend this device to anybody its quite the useful device and it doesn't hog up too much space. If you're looking for something with a little bit more storage capacity look into a Patriot Javelin S4

The device does have a recomended HDD list shown below.

1.0 TB Models


ST31000528AS Seagate
WD10EADS-00M2B0 Western Digital
ST31000520AS Seagate
HD103SI (SO) Samsung
HD103SJ Samsung
HDS721010CLA332 HGST

1.5 TB Models


ST31500341AS Seagate
ST31500341AS Seagate
WD15EADS-xxP8xx Western Digital
HD154UI (SO) Samsung

2.0 TB Models


WD20EADS-xxR6xx Western Digital
ST32000542AS Seagate
HDS722020ALA330 HGST
HD203WI Samsung
WD20EARS-00MVWB0 Western Digital

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