MSI Wind Board Review - Highly Recommended

I use my MSI Wind Board D510 as a surveillance DVR; so it is running 24/7 and is rarely restarted or powered down. I have owned mine for 3 months now and it has never been turned off or restarted except for updates or software installations.

My setup is as follows:

- APEX MI-008 case
- 1 GB G-Skill RAM
- Western Digital Caviar Blue 160GB
- Generic 4 channel PCI Capture Card

The system runs cool, library quiet, and the fact that the board has industrial grade caps on it makes me feel confident that this board will have a long life.

The D510 is nice, its basically a hyperthreading dual core so windows will report 4 CPUs.

If you are looking for something for a DVR, set-top box, or even a day-to-day machine (for non-gaming/video editing/etc...), this is your motherboard. I replaced my Jetaway Micro ATX with the MSI Wind Board and it is like night and day.


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Posted on: Aug 11, 2011 12:40 pm

Has a capture card installed and it records locally to the hard drive and remotely to a media server in the cloud.


Posted on: Aug 11, 2011 12:15 pm

You say its used as a DVR do you have a capture card in it or is it used with software on it to record video to some sort of external storage? Right now I do the exact same thing except with not as low power of a device, I have a AMD Single core skt 754 processor based computer with 1gb of ram in it running win XP over a site to site VPN network recording security cameras onto a external storage device. It works great but the processor stays near 50 degrees celcius constantly. I think I'm looking to upgrade in the future to something atom based. Been looking at an ASRock Ion based mini ITX.