Las Vegas Ski Snowboard Resort Review

As a Las Vegas resident, I have a couple of options when it comes to ski resorts. The closest of these options is the Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort which is about a 40 minute drive for me. (I live in southwest Las Vegas, in Spring Valley.)

When I was growing up, I remember just calling it Lee Canyon and the lift tickets being pretty cheap around $30-$35 dollars. The resort has always felt like a family owned type of business with 3 ski lifts and moderate accommodations.
Within the past years, the resort has undergone renovations and new ownership, which has resulted in some changes such as upgraded snow making machines, better freestyle park accommodations, and plans for expansion. However, with these changes has seen a large jump in price at $50 for an adult ski lift pass, and $60 on holidays.

In comparison to Brianhead, it costs more to ride at the Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort (LVSSR). We can only speculate that this is because of how close the resort is and nothing else, as Brianhead has a significant advantage over LVSSR in accommodations, trails, ski lift quality, and conditions. You could maybe factor in that the planned expansion of LVSSR requires higher lift ticket prices to pay for the endeavor.


As a beginner, LVSSR has a very flat bunny hill which is good  to get some fundamentals down; but at times this can hinder your learning as you will find yourself "scooting" along just to get some momentum. As a snowboarder, teaching someone the basics of "heel" and "toe" can be challenging when the new rider can't get enough momentum to natural transition to their edges.

The black chair is the most popular run at the resort, as it has a variety of freestyle options such as rails, table top jumps, an entry level half-pipe (that needs to be maintained better), and nice steep runs. If you are an intermediate rider you can get down the entire run in probably a few minutes as it is quite short.

The yellow chair is considered the intermediate/advanced run at the resort, it is quite steep, and just like the black chair, quite short. However, it has a nice variety of natural assets at times such as moguls and natural little kickers (small size jumps), that are quite enjoyable for intermediate/advanced riders. This run is enjoyable for those who enjoy carving and getting to higher speeds.

Overall, the Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard resort is not a bad resort, and it very close for Las Vegas residents. However, the high price for what you actually get does turn people off and justifies the drive to other resorts such as Brianhead.
I recommend this resort if you are looking for a quick 1 day trip; just make sure to check the conditions out, because icy conditions are commonplace for this resort.

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