How to determine the positive and neutral wire on a light fixture. (with a standard power wire)

When I installed my kitchen light fixture, the power wires looked to be a regular lamp wire that you would plug into your wall. I needed to figure out which one was positive and negative.

If you are installing a kitchen light fixture, in my case a light fixture in my kitchen ceiling, then you may notice that the light fixture wiring does not consist of a black, white, and ground wire. It may appear as a ground wire and a regular lamp power wire.

The best indicator to me, as I didn't have a voltage meter, was to look at the wiring. Look closely at the lamp wire and look for writing on one of the wires. If there is writing on the wire, that is your white wire (neutral). The wire without the writing is your positive.

That is how I determined it at least.

Hope that helps.

Also, as with any power related installations, make sure your power is turned off at the location you are installing. For safety reasons, turning the switch off is not enough, it is safer to turn the power off at the breaker.

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