Pillow Pet Review

I recently purchased a Pillow Pet for my girlfriend and she really likes it. I ended up buying the Perky Penguin in the large 18" size, it cost me $24.99 and I believe an additional $10 for shipping.

Overall, the quality of the Pillow Pet is very high and the texture is very soft. In fact, I find myself using it as a pillow.

I can definitely see this being the prized possession of your child's stuffed animal collection as it has both factors of a cute, cuddly pet as well as a super comfortable pillow.

Very durable, well-made, and there is a large variety of animals to choose from.

I was under the impression that it was $20 from what the TV commercials were saying. It turns about I spent about $35 online for my pillow pet (including shipping). I believe the $20 is for the smaller sizes. But what adds confusion to this is that the smaller sized pets are $15.99 online (at the time this article was written). So I believe there is a price difference based on if you buy it online or at a store. So a con for me was the confusion with pricing.

Overall, highly recommended stuffed animal.

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