Connecting Multiple TVs to a DirectTV Receiver

To connect an additional TV to a single DirectTV satellite receiver simply use an unused Video Out source such as "TV OUT" which is Coax, composite out, or component out. Typically if your box has HDMI on it, you would want to use that for your primary television.

In my case, I have an HR20 HD Satellite Receiver and what I did was run composite out to an RF Modulator and from there ran COAX to my other television. This way I was able to run a COAX cable outside of my house to the other room in the house. Older receivers will have a TV OUT that is just coax so you won't need an RF Modulator.

This method will allow you to connect multiple TVs to a receiver, this method is good for places like small bars/restaurants where multiple TVs may be playing from the same source so they all play the same channel.

Also, if you are just trying to pinch pennies and don't want to pay for another box just for your Kitchen TV or your older Tube Television, then this is the way to go.

If you want to use a remote in another room, you can get a RF signal repeater/extender, or an RF Remote.

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