Perfect Fit Button Review

This is a review of the Perfect Fit Buttons product. The product is used to extend the waist size of your pants so you can fit into them more comfortably.

I bought these for my work slacks since they were pricey when I bought them and I didn't want to have to spend big $$ on new pants. The pants were originally 30-31 waist sizes, and over the years I have grown to about a 32-33.

That said, I bought the Perfect Fit Button package at my local Walgreens for $10 and used them on: Dockers, Kenneth Coles, and Puritan Pride slacks.

The Dockers were harder to get the button to secure because of its double hemm on the inside of the pant, but after some effort, I secured it.

Unless you remove the original button off your pants, your pants will have 2 buttons which in my opinion, looks kind of weird. But since these are work pants for me, I cover the button up with a belt so it doesn't bother me.

In terms of fastening and un-fastening, I have heard complaints of how difficult it is to remove the buttons. It's actually not that bad, just squeeze the fastener and it will release.

One thing that did happen to me was on the Khaki button, the actual Khaki button cover was not glued well enough and detached from the button casing, I had to super glue it back on.

In terms of the Jeans buttons, I think they look nice, but I would prefer them not saying "Perfect Fit Buttons" on them.

Overall, I am happy with this product because it was only $10 at my local Walgreens (I would suggest not ordering by mail as the shipping cost is $6.99 at the time of writing this article.)

I have saved a couple hundred dollars because of these buttons and my pants fit looser and more comfortable. A simple product that I would suggest with wearing pants that you typically wear a belt with.

Quality: 6/10
Function: 7/10
Price in relation to value: 6/10

Hope this helps you make decision on buying the Perfect Fit Button.

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