Recuva Review and NTFS Undelete Review

Recently I accidently deleted hundreds of backup files and needed to get them back.

I looked at 2 Free File Recovery Utilities:

1. NTFS Undelete
2. Recuva

Since the drive I needed to recover data on was NTFS, I tried NTFS delete and it worked well, the interface was very intuitive and through it I was able to recover 90% of the lost data. The data I was unable to recover was already overwritten.

As a last stitch effort, I also ran Recuva. Recuva allows you to search through your Recycle Bin and also target specific file types such as images, documents, etc... This is very helpful because if you choose "All Files", it will return a massive amount of things that may make what you are looking for harder.

Recuva also has a nice Deep Scan feature, deep scanning does take awhile but pulls back a ton of results.

Both very good programs, both free as well.

If you wanted my opinion, I would use Recuva first, especially since it handles multiple drive formats, has a very impressive interface and feature set, and lastly, is made a reputable company who makes great software.

Recuva Link

NTFS Undelete is a nice quick utility for NTFS specific drives and does the job fairly well, a nice backup if you can't get Recuva for some reason and your using a NTFS drive.

NTFS Undelete Link

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