Changing Icons in OS X

After awhile, your traditional icons may get boring to look at, I know for myself, my Hard Drive icon and network icons were becoming bland to me.

With that said, I decided to change my OS X icons,

As you can see, my Hard Drive "Zentop" is actually an icon of the Macbook Pro that I use, The X and Y drives are actually representative of what the Physical external Drives look like, and my network drive "wwwroot" has a new look and feel.

To change your icons in OS X, simply click on the icon that you wish to change and press Command+I or right click and choose "Get Info",
In the top left you will notice a mini thumbnail of the application`s icon

If you click on it, you will notice it hilights.

Okay, now it`s time to get new icons, I use, they have a great selection of OS X icons to choose from.

Anyhow, download a group of icons that you like and save it to your machine. Typically, the file will come as a zip format in which you will extract. Once you have downloaded and extracted the icons, open the containing folder and you will see a bunch of icons, similar to the example below.

Find the icon you want to use and click on it and press Command+I or right click and choose "Get Info"

Now just like we saw earlier, you will see a mini thumbnail of the icon in the top left corner of the Get Info window, click on the icon and press Command+C, or go to Edit menu and use choose Copy.

Now going back to the original Info window of the icon you wanted to change and click on it`s thumbnail icon. Once you have selected it, press Command+V or go to the Edit menu and choose Paste.

You will now notice the new icon has replaced the old one and that the application`s Icon has now been updated.

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