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With so many people on broadband connections with more powerful computers, the web is more friendly when it comes to streaming video. That said, many TV companies and various websites are taking this opportunity to stream their television shows on the net. This allows many users to watch their favorite TV shows whenever they want and also gives them a chance to watch shows that perhaps are not aired on TV anymore.

Here is a list of websites:

1. - A website that has a HUGE collection of television shows, you can watch new shows as well as old ones from the past. The website has complete seasons of many television shows.

2. - You can watch your favorite Fox episodes here, sometimes it takes about 1-2 weeks for them to post new episodes. Watch shows like House and the Simpsons whenever you want.

3. - If you are a fan of South Park, they have complete episodes here.

4. - ABC episodes.

There are so many more I am sure you can find, but these are just a few to get your started. Watching TV on your computer is a great way to save money if you aren't a huge TV watcher, it may justify canceling your Cable TV/Satellite service.

Comfortable viewing using your Television -
In terms of comfort, many newer televisions have VGA and DVI inputs so you can connect your PC/Laptop directly to your PC. You will need a mini-RCA cable to plug your headphone/line out jack from your computer to your TV for audio. And you may also need a VGA/DVI cable to plug in your TV from your computer, this is for the video signal.

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