Computer Recycling in Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, the Blind Center of Nevada has computer recycling services.

If you have a surplus of old computers and computer parts laying around and do not necessarily want to send them to the landfill, there is a place in Las Vegas that will recycle your computer parts.

There is no fee to recycle computer parts with the exception to CRT monitors, please read below for more details:

Currently the only fee that applies to a drop off is any CRT computer monitors there is a disposal fee (it is considered a hazardous waste) any monitor 19" & smaller $10 each monitor and any monitor over 19" is $15.00 each this fee only applies to CRT.  LCD/ TFT there is currently no charge to recycle. 

The Blind Center of Nevada does not accept any TVs. 

Our drop off is Monday - Friday 8:00am - 3:00pm.

Blind Center of Nevada
1001 N Bruce St
Las Vegas, NV  89101
Ph:   (702) 642-6000
Fax: (702) 649-6739

I hope that helps, I had trouble finding a computer/tech recycling place in Las Vegas, so hopefully this makes your search for one easier.

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