How to Grow Taller / Increase Height Blog - Conclusion

For a complete background/history of this series, please refer to the links at the bottom of this page. Also, this series of solutions is based on the following exercises:

Stretching Exercises
a. I will be performing the exercises outlined in the book located here [Click Here]
b. In addition I will be performing posture exercises outlined here [Click Here]

I should note that this isn't a how-to guide, but more of a blog outlining if these stretching exercises work for height increase.

As I finished the first week of advanced exercises, I realized I had no gains and had followed the program closely. That being said, I decided to stop the program. Overall, the exercises outlined in the program above did help my overall posture and flexibility. I did notice I slept better after I got use to not using a pillow, but overall no height increase.

So for those of you who are skeptical about gaining height through stretching techniques, I do not think they are going to work. If you are still growing, then doing these exercises may help aid in growing taller, but as for me being a 26 year old, I saw no gains.

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Posted on: Jun 16, 2011 2:15 pm

Actually, this was the last post in this set of blogs. The original post started in August, and this one is in October so he did it for a few months.


Posted on: Jun 16, 2011 1:33 pm

To whom it may concern. I believe your attempt at growing taller would have prevailed had you followed the program for more then one week. I was interested in this topic because being a short woman, is not in the cards for me. I may even take life into my own hands if I can not get taller. If it wasn't for my heels, I would not enjoy life. Please repeat the program and give us a more detailed conclusion after 2-3 months of your experiment. Thank you for your time and consideration.