How to play NHL 09 online on PC with other players

Unfortunately, NHL 10 will not be out on PC, so NHL 09 will be probably the last time you will see an EA NHL Hockey game on PC. I really like the gameplay on NHL 09 but the online mode is horrible in terms of playing with anyone else.

It's not trivial to open up ports on your firewall and what not just to play the game, but there is an easy way my friends and I have been playing online against each other.

1. Download Hamachi -
It is a program that allows you to create a VPN (Virtual Private Network) between you and your friends, this will allow you to play NHL 09 against your friends online as if you were in the same LAN.

2. Once you download Hamachi, set up an account and join/create a network. Make sure you and your friends all join the same network.

3. Once you do that, make sure you note your IP address that Hamachi assigns you. Take that IP address and either give it to your friends and host a game, or have your friends give you their Hamachi IP address. You can also see everyone's IP address within your Hamachi network right inside the application.

4. Inside of NHL 09, enter in the Hamachi IP address that you want to connect to, or have your friends join your game and have them enter your Hamachi IP address.

5. At this point you are all done.

Note: This also make worth it other games that have LAN capabilities.

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