Where to play ice hockey in Las Vegas

If you are like me and live in Las Vegas and want to play Ice Hockey, or if you are transitioning from roller hockey to ice hockey and want to know where to get gear and what not, this is post is for you.

First off, if you are transitioning from roller hockey and need to find gear. First ask yourself, what gear do I have now that I can still use for ice hockey? If you played in roller hockey rinks, then most likely you have a helmet, shin guards, elbow guards, gloves, maybe a roller hockey girdle, and hockey pants.

If this is the case, then all you will need is a ice hockey girdle, jock shorts, and socks. To find your size, you can look at sizing charts at many of the major online hockey retailers or go into the pro shop located at the Las Vegas Ice Center to try things on. I personally buy my hockey gear online because of the deals I can find, the site I use are:


Some players I play with still use their roller hockey pants and put an ice girdle under it, this eliminates the need for socks and jock shorts.

Now, coming from a roller background, I didn't feel ready to just jump right into a league, so I what I did was go to the Stick & Puck and Open Hockey sessions that the Las Vegas Ice Center had. I believe the cost is $10 each time you go, but its usually for 1.5 - 2 hours and really worth it just to get the hang out ice skating. For me, this is how I learned to ice skate, it took me a few sessions to get use to ice skating, especially the stopping.

Once I felt comfortable, I started a team with old roller guys I played with who transferred over with me. If you do not have the same luxury, you can be put on a team by asking someone in the Pro Shop who to talk to to get on a team, and most likely, you will be starting out on Wednesday nights, which is the novice league. I suggest this league because the skill level is actually quite good, and its a good way to get comfortable with the speed of ice hockey in comparison to roller. Another way is to play Stick & Puck and Open Hockey and usually you can see if players are in need of anyone on their teams, that is how we got some of our players.

To learn more about the Las Vegas Ice Center, click here.

There is also a rink at the Fiesta, I have never played there, but I heard the rink is very nice and great to play on. It is just out of the way for me from where I live so I haven't gone out there.

Other Hockey Info

The local pro team is the Las Vegas Wranglers of the ECHL, they play at the Orleans Arena. Some good, fast players, very enjoyable to go and watch.

If you are looking for a roller hockey rink, click here to check out the rink in the Commercial Center.

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