How to Grow Taller / Increase Height Blog - Part 5

For a complete background/history of this series, please refer to the links at the bottom of this page. Also, this series of solutions is based on the following exercises:

Stretching Exercises
a. I will be performing the exercises outlined in the book located here [Click Here]
b. In addition I will be performing posture exercises outlined here [Click Here]

I should note that this isn't a how-to guide, but more of a blog outlining if these stretching exercises work for height increase.

After the 3rd week of these exercises (2nd week of Stage II exercises), I saw no increase in height during my weekly measurement. I am still 5 ft. 6 3/8 in. barefoot.

However, I have noticed I am more aware of my posture and I feel "longer" in a sense, probably because my muscles are all sore from being stretched so much.

Overall, I was not surpised that I did not see any gains this week. Realistically, I don't expect to see gains for another 2-3 weeks when I am well into my Stage 3 exercises.

In addition, I decided to try the stage 3 exercises for 4 weeks total, that should give me ample time to see if these exercises truly work. This will bring me to a total of 2 months trying these height increase exercises. If I see gains within the 2 month period, I will continue to do stage 3 and stage 1 exercises.

Also, to help with a torso rotation exercises, (basically in the sit up position, you rotated your torso in 360 degree circles) I decided to purchase an Iron Gym to help hold my feet down, you can read a separate review here.

I will be posting my measurements and other things I have noted after my next weekly measurement.

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