How to Grow Taller / Increase Height Blog - Part 4

For a complete background/history of this series, please refer to the links at the bottom of this page. Also, this series of solutions is based on the following exercises:

Stretching Exercises
a. I will be performing the exercises outlined in the book located here [Click Here]
b. In addition I will be performing posture exercises outlined here [Click Here]

I should note that this isn't a how-to guide, but more of a blog outlining if these stretching exercises work for height increase.

I am on the 3rd cycle of the the Stage II exercises. I am suppose to do 7 cycles total of Stage II exercises. There are 15 exercises total and I am to do 1-5 on 1 day, 6-10 on the 2nd day, 11-15 on the 3rd day, and repeat this for 7 cycles. So that is 3 weeks you are to do Stage II exercises in addition to the Stage I exercises.

At this point, I can breeze through the Stage I exercises, the bicycle kick exercise is the only one I have slight problems with, mainly in the morning, at night they seem easier to do.

In terms of the Stage II exercises, there is an exercise that requires you to lodge your feet under a couch, chair, etc... and do torso rotations, almost like modified situps, I am having trouble on that one mainly because I don't have a great place to lodge my feet under, I may go to a sports store and try to find situp assistors.

I must say my flexibility has increased and my legs feel stronger, I can feel it when I go to the gym especially.

I did my weekly measurement and measured 5ft 6 3/8 in. My original height at the beginning of this was 5ft 6in 1/4in. Making it a 1/8 in. gain.

To me at this point, the gain is negligible and I need to see more before I can say this program works, the 1/8 in. could have been due to error in measuring myself the first week, since the first week I have a more accurate way of measuring myself.

Don't get me wrong I don't want to sound negative or pessimistic, but I have to be realistic.

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