How to Grow Taller / Increase Height Blog - Part 3

For a complete background/history of this series, please refer to the links at the bottom of this page. Also, this series of solutions is based on the following exercises:

Stretching Exercises
a. I will be performing the exercises outlined in the book located here [Click Here]
b. In addition I will be performing posture exercises outlined here [Click Here]

I should note that this isn't a how-to guide, but more of a blog outlining if these stretching exercises work for height increase.

At this point I have completed the preliminary exercises /Stage I exercises and have started the Stage II exercises. One gripe is that the instructions are not clear to me, I am not sure if they want me to do the Stage II exercises twice a day or just once a day. The instructions do say to do the Stage II exercises in addition to the Stage I exercises, so I am assuming that means twice a day.

At any rate, I do not mind doing the Stage II exercises twice daily, because it can only help me gain more height as long as they are not straining me.

I did my weekly measurement and saw no gain in height increase, the guide outlined that you may not see gains in only the 1st week.

I personally wasn't expecting gains the first week but I do notice that my posture is improved (because I am constantly aware about correcting it) and that I feel more "loose". Working on the computer all day, I neglected to stretch often and found that I was very stiff and these stretches have definitely improved my flexibiilty which is definitely important to me beyond just gaining height.

Stage II exercises contain 15 stretches and I am instructed to do 5 of them each day in addition to my Stage I exercises, they definitely are a bit more demanding and I am hopeful for results within 3 weeks. (The book says after 3 weeks of doing Stage II exercises, you should see some gains.)

Some advice, the stretches can get tediious to do each morning and night, I have found that playing some music while doing them, helps pass the time by and makes them more enjoyable.

Also, sleeping without a pillow is still something I am getting use to, but at the same time, I do feel more well rested when I wake up in the morning, I think its probably because my body is lying flat all night and maybe it's a more natural position.

Will post my results after week 2 is over, this will include things I have found and week 2 measurements.

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