How to Grow Taller / Increase Height Blog - Part 2

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I am nearing the first week of stretching, I am still doing the preliminary exercises as outlined here, just an overview:

When I wake up and before bed, I do the following:

1. I stretch my arms over my head and point my toes as far down as possible and stretch my body as much as possible, rolling left and right to stretch each part of my body.

2. I then do some neck exercises, torso stretches, and another series stretching exercises where I try to reach as far as possible on a point on my wall and hold it there.

One of the exercises requires you to lay on your back, rest your elbows on your bed, lift your body off your bed by supporting your hips with your hands and do a bicycle kick motion in the air, this is probably the most difficult workout for me to do, other then that, the rest of the preliminary exercises are fine.

These preliminary exercises are outlined in the link above.

In addition to these exercises, I have stopped sleeping with a pillow so that my spine is as straight as possible during bed, this has been the hardest habit for me to kick, and if you try it, it may take you a few nights to adjust. It is almost as if you have to rest like you were in a coffin.

I have been trying to sit up straight more when I walk and work on the computer (my day job is on a computer most of the time), so I have been trying to be conscious of my posture and once my preliminary exercises are complete, I will begin instituting more posture exercises to my regimen.

From start, I measured 5ft. 6 1/4" inches and will not measure myself until my first week of preliminary exercises is complete.

Will post results.

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