How to fix Sirius Stiletto 2 from not selecting a channel

Name: Jesse D.

Since I have purchased my Stiletto 2 it has locked up twice on me. By locking up I mean it will not let me select a channel to listen to music on, either by satellite or by internet mode.

I can navigate around the system and see that the its operating fine, just make a beep whenever I try and select a channel to listen to.

I found two ways to solve this problem on my own, as asking customer service did not provide any usefull information, they told me to use the erase all information option on the device and caused me to loose all my favorite music and channels stored.

Since I did not want to go this route a second time, I found out that if you simply remove the battery from the unit then put it back in, it refreshes the unit without having to loose information, and bam! I can listen to any channel I please.

Keywords: Sirius Satellite, Stiletto 2, satellite radio locking up

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Posted on: Dec 14, 2008 4:04 pm

Thank you. I had a slightly different problem--The device locked up trying to update channels, but after I removed the battery, it reset and continued its update. Thanks!