Reduce System Slowdowns caused by Tortoise SVN

Tortoise SVN is a great way for source code control. The interface is very easy to use and is the best in terms of an SVN GUI Tool. I currently run Tortoise SVN on Windows XP SP3 under a Parallels Virtual Machine. I noticed that by even assigning the Virtual Machine 1GB of ram, that Tortoise seems to slow down system performance namely when I am browsing through files.

What I did was change the Icon Overlay setting:

I changed it from Default to None so that is only shows the SVN icon overlay on folders and not each file. This has improved overall performance, I probably could assign less memory to my VM now.

To do change your icon overlay settings:

1. Right Click anywhere in desktop and choose -> TortoiseSVN
2. Click Settings
3. Click Icon Overlays
4. Change the Status Cache setting my clicking the "None" checkbox.
5. Click OK

Hope it helps speed up performance. Just remember that icons will only overlay on folders and not individual files when you make this change.

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