Cleaning Nike Air Force Ones

Submitted by: Brian G. (Las Vegas, NV)

When I first bought my Air Force Ones President Bush called me and asked me how sick they are. I told him I have more heat than a Scud Missile.

Okay now to be serious.

Some of my Air Force Ones

I found that with every Nike Air Force One shoe I buy, the color white was around the bottom part of the shoe. I was stumped on trying to figure out how to clean any scuff marks on the white part of the shoe. I bought another pair of Air Force Ones along with buying some really hardcore shoe cleaner called "Sneaker Cleaner", this was made by a company called "Champs." Natural citrus formula, "Just spray, wipe, and go!" Now, the spray part was easy and I noticed that when spraying the white foam on to the shoe I had to make sure to get it only on the white part because this is some really strong stuff and I didn`t want it to fade or damage the colored parts of the shoe. Additionally, I found that just wiping is not enough and that I had to use an old toothbrush to scrub away at the scuff marks. A toothbrush works well because the bristles are soft and will not causes any scratch marks that some shoe cleaner brushes can cause. So in conclusion, this is the best way to clean Nike Air Force Ones, be sure to scrub well with a toothbrush and not get any foam in your eyes! How to Clean White Nike Air Force Ones

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