Alternative to iTunes, VLC Media Player

Need an alternative to iTunes and even Quicktime? VLC Media Player is a good choice to play music as well as videos on your Mac, and it's free.

If you are a Mac User, you are most likely tied to the hip with iTunes for your music and Quicktime for non-web Videos.

With respect to my music collection, I keep my MP3s organized in folders by Genre / Album / Artist so I don't really need iTunes to organize my playlist for me and I wanted a more lightweight program similar to old school Winamp that would just quickly open and play my songs.

This is when VLC Media Player came in, it works great for videos, which is it's main purpose. But it also does a good job of playing Mp3s and creating quick and dirty playlists reminscent of the old school Winamp days.

Anyways, if you wanted an alternative to iTunes, then VLC Media player is for you, it also is a good alternative to Quicktime, although I would say Quicktime in OS X is quite good.

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Posted on: Feb 8, 2009 8:57 pm

Also to add not only is VLC for mac but its for Windows too.


Posted on: Feb 8, 2009 8:57 pm

VLC is a wonderful program with many effects that can be done to video and audio while a movie is being played such as making the movie black and white or removing certain colors...

It also features the ability to play certain videos alot of the other players cant because of the codecs it has with it..

personally I use VLC myself and it works great.