Solution: Fixed a computer that would turn off a few seconds after you turn it on.

I recently fixed a computer that would turn off a few seconds after you turned it on.

I was fixing a computer with a PC Chips M975g motherboard in it. The problem was that it would turn on and "beep" (POST) but would turn off after a few seconds. The problem turned out to be that the Heat Sink Unit and CPU Fan were not installed properly. In this case particularly, the 4 pin CPU fan controller was not connected properly, changing out a new CPU Heatsink and fan fixed the problem. This was an Intel based motherboard so there was a 4 pin adapter opposed to a 3 pin adapter you see on AMD boards. Also, if you have this problem, don't keep trying to turn your computer on and off repeatedly, you could burn the CPU out, so make sure your heatsink and CPU is securely fastened.

Also if that doesn't work for you, look at your CMOS battery, that could be the problem as well.

Most people who have had this issue look to their power supply unit PSU, before you try swapping out PSUs, check out your CPU fan and heatsink first.

Hope that helps.

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