Knowing when a zit is ready to pop and how to pop it properly

Many people wonder when a zit is "ready" to pop.

As a teen struggling with acne, I found that the best policy is never to pick at your face, it can lead to scars, larger breakouts, and overall more stress.

However, if you feel it necessary to pop a zit, it is usually ready to pop when you see a white head on the tip of it.
If it is larger, you will feel a bit of sharp pressure under it as if it is ready to pop with slight pressure applied to it.

Generally you can live by this saying: "If it's white, its alright", meaning its ready to pop.

When you pop it, wash your hands, do not use your finger nails. put a small layer of toilet paper between your finger tips and the zit and squeeze the zit gently. If you use your finger nails you can leave nasty marks on your face which can look worst then the zit. The toilet paper acts as a padding to help reduce any marks created by un-intentional finger nails that may get in the way.

If you apply gentle pressure and cannot pop it, its most likely not ready, don't squeeze harder, just give it another day and try again.

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If you use your fingernails or keep aggravating it, it can look worst.

Also, a good indication that you have popped the zit entirely is when blood comes out of it. Smaller ones you will not see this, but for bigger ones, blood definitely means you got it all. Well that is from my experience at least.

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