Where to ski or snowboard in Las Vegas

If you are an avid skier or snowboarder and live in Las Vegas. This guide may help you find a few places go to hit the slopes!

Closest to Farthest

Lee Canyon - Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort

If the conditions are cooperating, it is a decent mountain to go riding at. It has 2 decent runs and 1 bunny hill. The perk is that it is only 45 minutes away from Las Vegas, the downside is that it is a small mountain with a hefty lift ticket price, currently $50 when all lifts are open.

Brianhead - Southern Utah

Roughly a 3 hour drive from Las Vegas. This is an ideal choice for Las Vegas locals. The mountain is large and has many accomodations such as hotels, condos, and decent pro shops. This is definitely an ideal choice if you want to ride on a good mountain with ideal conditions. The 3 hour drive is well worth it.

Big Bear Lake - Southern California

About 30 minutes longer drive then Brianhead, this mountain is also very accomodating and is a good change if you are a frequent Brianhead rider.

These are the typical mountains you hear about when you are in Vegas. If you have any more mountains, suggestions, please comment on my post.

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Also if you need a place to get your board tuned and waxed, these places are not bad:

McGhie's Ski Chalet
4035 South Fort Apache
Las Vegas, NV 89147
702 252 8077

Sport Chalet

For actually purchasing gear, I usually buy online or at Big 5, Big 5 has really good deals on good name stuff.

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