Accessing Command Prompt in Windows Vista

If you want to run your command prompt in Windows Vista as an Administator what I did was the following:

1. Right Click anywhere on your desktop.
2. Click New
3. Then Click Shortcut
4. In the Shortcut Dialogue box type cmd.exe
5. You should now have a shortcut to the command prompt on your desktop.

To Run as Administrator
1. Right click the newly created shortcut and choose "Run as Administrator".
2. You may get the "Windows needs your permission to continue" box, so click "Continue" on that to proceed.

Why Run as Administrator?
I run as Administrator so I can manually regsvr32 objects into my registry.

Note, if you try to run regsvr32 in Vista via the command prompt AND YOU ARE NOT IN ADMINISTRATOR MODE, you most likely will get an error message with this error code 0x80040201.

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