Using the Apple DVI to Video Adapter with a Macbook Pro

If you are like me and have an older TV without VGA or DVI input, then the only way you can connect your computer to your TV is via S-Video or by RCA Composite cables.

Most of my TVs have at the minimum S-Video, but the TV in my room only has an RCA (Yellow, White, Red cables) input available.

I have a MacBook Pro and purchased an Apple DVI to Video Adapter:
View the Product at the Apple Site

When I received the item and plugged it in, I noticed that the resolution on my MacBook Pro was turned down to help produce a better picture on the TV. By default, it appears to work in mirrored mode, I don't know if you can do an extended display, I didn't test it.

Overall, the quality is good for what I expected. Text is blurry to read, but if you are like me and wanted to watch movies, then this will do fine.

If you are looking for super crisp quality, then your better off getting a TV with a DVI or VGA input.

I am also building a PC as a set-top box for the same purpose. Once it is complete, I will also post a solution/review on how it works and the quality. Really for me, it comes down to cost, if I can get it to work at acceptable quality, then no need for me to spend the money on a new TV.

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