How to setup a WebCam for use with Flash

Many of you have a nifty built-in webcam in your laptop or maybe you have a nice Logitech or Microsoft webcam laying around that you want to use.

With technology advancing, web conferencing is much more viable since our computers and bandwidth can sustain a higher level of video and sound quality.

Below you should see a message that looks like this:

Privacy Message

Don`t worry, this is a message from Adobe saying it is going to activate your webcam, the data will not be streamed anywhere except to your local computer. Click "Allow"

After doing so you may see a video of you looking at yourself, if you see this video, then your webcam is installed properly. I would suggest checking out websites such as so you can have some fun with your webcam.

If you do not see yourself , you may also see a message saying "No Cameras Detected on your Computer."

This means that either you have no cameras connected or you haven`t installed your webcam`s drivers properly, or even worse, your webcam is not supported by your machine.

If you do not see this message but do not see video, try the following:

Right click anywhere in the frame above to get a menu that looks something like this:

Camera List

1. You will have to click on the webcam icon to get to your camera list.
2. Once you click on the camera icon, you should see a dropdown menu.
3. If you see any cameras in the list, select one and see if any video shows up.
4. Keep going through your cameras in the list until one works, if you do not have any cameras in your list, then no webcams are detected on your machine.

NOTE TO MAC USERS: I have a Mac and had to install a program called CamTwist to get it to initially work. Google CamTwist and after you download it, try selecting CamTwist as your camera using the instructions above.

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